A commercial painting company

We are a unified team of people focused on a common goal - to be the best paint contractor in America in the eyes of our customers, employees, and industry.

Our Vision

  • Enjoy

    the freedom to make the right decisions, our team will build a company known for its dependability, fairness and dedication to customer satisfaction.

  • Choose

    to do the right thing at the right time our team will produce win/win projects every time.

  • Share

    common goals, our team will employ unity and synergy to achieve success and create opportunity –professionally and personally.

In short, KCP will be the best company to work for and the best company to work with. Period.

The Mission

is to satisfy our customers, gratify our employees, and amplify our assets by:
  • Developing our team members to reach their full potential.
  • Empowering our team members to take the right action.
  • Earning new work fairly and competitively.
  • Treating people right - our customers, our suppliers, and our team members.
  • Completing a great project for everyone involved - every time.
  • Managing our resources wisely.



  • Always treating others - customers, suppliers and each other, as we want to be treated.
  • Caring more about people than material things.
  • Remembering that it’s not all about ourselves.
  • Properly balancing work and family.


  • Being the best at what we do.
  • Continuously striving personally to grow and improve.
  • Looking for the opportunities that lie within challenges, not taking the easy path.


  • Empowering our team members to make decisions that treat our customers (both internal and external) right.
  • Being reliable and responsible and getting the job done.
  • Going the extra mile.
  • Recognizing everyone's need to occasionally get away and recreate.


  • Always doing what's right even when it is not easy, comfortable, or profitable


  • Sacrificing our own interests for the good of the team.
  • Encouraging each other.
  • Learning and being aware of what my teammates need from me.
  • Helping others succeed today so that we can all achieve success tomorrow.
  • Having fun at what we do.

Companies We’ve Worked With

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